The Martin and Lewis Tribute Show

"The Martin and Lewis Tribute" is a show in a class all its own. Never have two artists captured the very essence and chemistry of the celebrities they perform as have Tom Stevens and Tony Lewis. These two incredible performers have each had success on their own.

Having spent the last 30 years performing throughout Australia, Tony Lewis has created a name for himself as the quintessential Jerry Lewis tribute artist. His one man show has sold out countless venues and has earned him the respect as one of Australia's best entertainers.

Since his first appearance at the Dean Martin Festival in 1998, Tom Stevens has earned his title as "The Best Dean Martin Tribute Artist", even Dean's daughter Deana said "I've never seen anybody look and sound more like my Daddy." Having spent the last 16 years in Las Vegas, Tom has amazed audiences with his uncanny tributes to over 100 celebrities.

Together they are undeniably a one of a kind show that will make you feel as if Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are still performing together today. Not only will this show bring back memories to those who remember the Martin and Lewis era but will also entertain a whole new generation of fans who will grow to respect the talents of Tom Stevens and Tony Lewis as two of the world's best tribute artists.

This show guarantees to leave your audience, whether it be a casino venue, local theater, corporate event or private party, thanking you for a night of laughter, great music, and true professionalism at its best. If you have any questions or inquiries, please fill out the section below and we will be happy to discuss how we can enhance your event and have your guests talking about it for years to come.


United States Tour

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Tom Stevens and Tony Lewis performing their Martin and Lewis Tribute Show at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The band accompanying them was amazing as well as the venue itself. We really loved the double staircases on the sides as it made for a great beginning of the show!

Tom Stevens and Tony Lewis performing their Martin and Lewis Tribute Show in front of a live audience with a band accompanying them. This show paying tribute to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis is so funny and clean that audiences of all ages would enjoy the show. Aside from the sound and mannerisms these two guys look so much like Martin and Lewis that you will walk away feeling like you were just taken back in time to witness one of the world's most extraordinary musical/comedy team. Martin Short said that Dean and Jerry were "The Beatles of comedy." So sit back and enjoy as these incredible impressionists take you back in time to an era of show business that will live on forever.

Here is footage of the last show from our tour in Australia. This was at The Wenty Leagues RSL. Watch for the special interview section from our dressing room where Tony and I talk about how we met. Plus some testimonials from some of the people at the show.

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